North Bay Watershed Stewardship Plan

The Watershed Stewardship Plan is a collective effort by NBWA agencies to define a desired state of the North Bay Watershed, then provide a framework of recommended actions to achieve that state. The plan considers a wide array of factors including water supply, water quality, flood protection, recreation, and habitat. 

This document collaboratively guides NBWA agencies to improve conditions in the watershed in an effective manner, and prioritizes optimum solutions for challenges facing the watershed in order to position this region to leverage state and federal funds.

Phase I – Watershed Stewardship Plan – Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Phase II – Watershed Stewardship Plan – Executive Summary (Large file sizes)

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Appendix A: Database of Existing Agency and Stakeholder Projects and Programs

Appendix A.1: Water Supply

Appendix A.2: Water Quality

Appendix A.3: Flood Protection

Appendix A.4: Habitat Enhancement

Appendix A.5: Recreation and Public Education

Appendix B: Database of Additional Existing Stakeholder Projects and Programs

Appendix B: Reference List

Appendix C: Database of Candidate Projects

Appendix D: Database of Attribute Codes