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The North Bay’s watersheds encompass eastern Marin County, southern Sonoma County, Napa County, and portions of Solano County. The North Bay is the most rural part of the San Francisco Bay Area, with expansive open spaces and a relaxed pace of life.

More than 2,000 miles of streams flow through North Bay watersheds include Marin County’s small, urbanized creeks, the Petaluma River, Sonoma Creek, and the Napa River. Small Solano County creeks, between Vallejo and Benicia, and the Suisun Bay drainage just upstream in the larger San Francisco Estuary watershed, also influence the North Bay.

About Us

The North Bay Watershed Association is a group of diverse regional and local public agencies throughout the North Bay region working to craft regional approaches to managing our common watershed. Association members work cooperatively on water resources issues and go beyond traditional boundaries to promote good stewardship of the North Bay watersheds.

If you would like more information about the NBWA, see our brochure or contact us.

North Bay Watershed Map

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Program announced

This biennial gathering promises to be a cornerstone event for our regional
partners, communities, and of course our future water resiliency workforce – students! This year’s theme, “Imagine Our Future: North Bay,” will
bring together leading insiders, experts, and stakeholders to explore
advancing our natural infrastructure, communities, and workforce. 

Visit our 2024 Conference page to subscribe to be kept up-to-date about this event! We look forward to seeing you at the conference.


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