Mission and Goals
The mission of the NBWA is to facilitate partnerships across political boundaries that promote stewardship of the North San Pablo Bay watershed resources. This mission is accomplished through meeting NBWA’s goals:
hills and mountains

Strategic Directions

During the Fall of 2018, the Board of the North Bay Watershed Association undertook a Strategic Planning process to better refine the focus of the organization and prepare to address the important issues and opportunities expected in the next five years. During the course of four sessions, the Board defined a vision, refined its Mission Statement, and set out a set of four strategic directions.

Strategic Direction 1: Take a One Water Approach for the North Bay

The North Bay Watershed Association will bring members and partners together to look for ways that will build a more sustainable and integrated regional water supply portfolio, improve regional water quality, and restore our watersheds. Read more here.

Strategic Direction 2: Develop Regional Projects

The North Bay Watershed Association assists the region in identifying the most significant regional projects to address the issues and priorities identified in our Strategic Direction 1. Read more here.

Strategic Direction 3: Identify Potential Regional and Sub-Regional Project Funding Sources

In combination with regional project development in our Strategic Direction 2, the North Bay Watershed Association will be a leading resource for the region on information about current and future funding opportunities aligned with our strategic regional priorities. To the extent possible, these efforts should assist the regional entities in avoiding competition for the same funding sources. Read more here.

Strategic Direction 4: Tell Our Story

The North Bay Watershed Association will highlight the successes of its member agencies and partners as well as the Association itself. This will result in stronger local support for bonds and grants and publicly funded efforts because the public better understands the role of the member agencies and partners in the work to achieve a healthy north bay. Increase communication among the members. Read more here.