2014 Conference – Water Resources Management: What, Where and How #2

2014 Conference – Water Resources Management: What, Where and How




Upcoming North Bay Watershed Conference




Morning Keynote Speaker

Falicia Marcus, Chair, SWRCB: California Water: Era of Decision


PANEL 1 – What’s New in Water Supply?

Heather Cooley, Water Program Co-Director, Pacific Institute :  Water Supply Innovations

Manisha Kothari, Project manager, SFPUC:  Regional Reliability and Desalination in the Bay Area

Tim Parker, President, Parker Groundwater:  California GW Management – Status Statewide and Sonoma Valley Example

David Graves, Co-Founder, Saintsbury Winery:  Agricultural Perspective on Water Resource Management


PANEL 2 – How Do Integrated Projects Work?

Jill Techel, Mayor of Napa:  Business Perspective on Napa River Restoration

Jay Jasperse, Chief Engineer, Sonoma Country Water Agency:  Connecting the Dots: Recycled Water, Habitat and Groundwater

Debbie Stutsman, Town manager, San Anselmo:  Ross Valley Flood Protection and Watershed Program, A Partner’s Perspective

Sally Gale, Chileno Valley Ranch:  My Backyard: Ranching and Tending to Walker Creek’s Restoration


Afternoon Keynote Speaker

Lieutenant Colonel John K. Baker, Commander and District Engineer,

U.S Army Corps of Engineers, San Francisco:  Water Resources Perspective


PANEL 3- where’s the money?

John Colemon , ACWA president:  State founding: State Water Bond

Sam Schuchat , Executive officer, State Coastal Conservancy:  San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority

Marc Holmes, Bay Restoration Program Director, The Bay Institute:  Federal Funding: San Francisco Bay Restoration Act, EPA,BOR,WRDA

Linda J. LeZotte, Director, SCVWD:  Local Funding: Measure B


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